About Anup Ji

Anup Jalota, the most popular name for Bhajans and Ghazals, has thought of nothing but music all his life. Purushottam Das Jalota , the bhajan exponent was is father and music mentor. Born in Nainital and brought up in Lucknow, he started his career in the music industry as an All India Radio chorus singer.

He was keen on learning and making a career in classical singing, however he wowed the devotees audiences with the release of his first bhajan.

He was later honored with the prestigious tag of “Bhajan Samrat” of India.

He has released numerous albums that have reached the Gold and Platinum celebrations and have even created World records. He has also given music for many Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali films

Anup Jalota has also play backed for the Bollywood, Tollywood, Dhollywood and Bengal Film Industry.

Known for his versatility, the smiling and ever-obliging Anup Jalota composes and performs Bhajans and Ghazals with equal grace and finesse. His melodious yet powerful voice has an incredible range. A voice that soothes the soul, this icon leaves audiences spellbound in esteem with his version of music.


On 5 August, 1994 Anup Jalota tied a knot with Medha Gujral, niece of former Indian Prime Minister, Inder Kumar Gujral. Medha died in 2014 due to liver failure and heart attack. They have a 23 year old son, Aryaman who has completed his studies from the Princeton University.

Anup Jalota belongs to the much respected Sham Chowrasi Gharana of Punjab. Although a Punjabi, Anup Jalota sings in 8 diverse languages. A patron, Anup Jalota held charity concerts and conducted creative fund raising events to support Indian victims’ families of the September 11 tragedy in New York City.

Anup Jalota has in incredible fan following in India; North America and Europe praise and adore him as much.

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